Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (or PEI) is one of eastern Canada's maritime provinces and is also the smallest province in Canada, off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. PEI is marked by red-sand beaches, lighthouses, and fertile farmland, and is renowned for potatos and seafood like lobster and mussels. PEI produces more than 40 million pounds of mussels per year, accounting for 80% of Canadian mussel production.

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Charlottetown is the capital and largest city of PEI. It was famously the site of the Charlottetown Conference in 1864, the first gathering of Canadian and Maritime statesmen to debate the proposed Maritime Union and the more persuasive British North American Union, now known as Canadian Confederation. From this, the city adopted as its motto Cunabula Foederis—"Birthplace of Confederation".

Charlottetown might be a small city, but it’s bursting with big energy and infectious island vibes. It’s got all the charm and hospitality PEI is famous for, plus culinary experiences and an arts and culture scene that take visitors by surprise—in the best way possible.

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