Sigma Academy's membership provides a wealth of professosional resources, news, trainings, and platforms related to climate change.

As a member of Sigma Academy, you will receive many special benefits and privileges, including but not limited to:

  • Free access to all data and tools provided by Sigma Academy
  • Unlimited access to Bulletin of Sigma Academy
  • Waived publication fees for Bulletin of Sigma Academy
  • Special member registration rates for Sigma Academy's conferences
  • Significant discounts for Sigma Academy's professional trainings and workshops
  • Invitation to participate in special conferences and activities hosted by Sigma Academy
  • Notification of latest news and progress in climate change
  • Access to member-only websites, tools, and services
  • Participation in the development of Sigma Academy's policies
  • Eligibility for Sigma Academy's fellowship, prizes and awards
  • Eligibility for Sigma Academy's consultant accreditation

In order to provide professional and high-quality services to our members, we charge a small amount of membership fees:

  • Regular Member: $50 CAD per year
  • Student Member: $20 CAD per year

Our membership is not based on the calendar year. This means that your membership will start immediately after the membership fee is paid in full. The expiry date of your membership will be one year later. For example, if you become a member of Sigma Academy on October 1, 2018, your membership will be expired on October 1, 2019. Your membership will be deactived after it is expired, but you can renew and reactive your membership at any time.